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Reflexology or zone theory advanced in the early part of the 20th century from the studies of Dr William Fitzgerald. He discovered, if a certain amount of pressure were put on one part of the body it could have a direct anaesthetic effect on a corresponding part. This was the first step in developing the zone theory. He later began working with Dr Edwin Bowers and together they convinced their colleagues with their findings.

By following a vegan diet you can ensure that you are wasting fewer resources producing case control study less pollution and causing less animal suffering all the while improving your own health and wellbeing.

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To authenticate Reflexology Dr Bowers conducted a number of experiments. In so doing, he was drawn to the realisation, that if you apply pressure to a certain area of the hand and then stick a pin in the corresponding zone path of the body, he perceived that the subject suffered no pain, in fact, a remarkable anesthetic effect was achieved.

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Researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center set out to see if a combination of maintaining a healthy diet that includes the fresh salads along with just moderate physical activity would have any affect on the lung cancer risk. There is a reason why they picked gardening as the activity to match up with the diet. Gardening is case study psychology something that smokers can do as easily as non smokers. Smokers would have difficulty doing more strenuous exercise and gardening is something anyone of any age can handle.

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The aim of reflexology is not to diagnose, but to observe and treat by reversing the effects of stress and returning the body back to its homeostasis (balanced state). Locating the crystal deposits and working the feet gradually achieves this. (How you work the foot will be discussed in part two of this article).

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Leitzmann, Claus. Vegetarian Diets: What are the Advantages? Forum of Nutrition Volume case study definition Diet Diversification and Health Promotion. Pages 147-153. 2005.

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